Friday, April 5, 2013

The name game

My kids are obviously still little and are part of the ever-growing trend of unusual names and/or unusual spellings.  I've seen some weird spellings and heard some different names.  This got me thinking, would it seem weird if someone, like, say, Walt Disney, decided it would be fun to have unusual spellings.

We have Syndirehllah, a story about a young girl and her 2 stepsisters, Aynastaysha and Drizella (that one deserves it's "normal" spelling).

Then there is Ahrawrah, a beautiful princess and the evil sorceress, Muhlehficynt.

Sweet Snohe Wyte is next.  You'll find her dead body in the glass coffin; awaiting Pryns Kharmeeng.

In the world of people marrying anorexic fish; huge eyed Aihreyal and her equally huge eyed love Aeiric fall madly and deeply in love.  

Then there's that crazy girl Moehlahn and her claim to be talking to a dragon.

And last but certainly not least... Aylyse.  Her addiction to magic mushrooms will no doubt lead her to years in rehab.

So there you have it.  Mr. Disney completely missed out on setting this naming trend and is now stuck with the boring names, like Rapunzel.