Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baa.. My new wool obsession

This is not good.  I've been good up until now and have kept away from the world of wool diaper covers.  That is until recently.  I now have 3 covers and I want more!  I've heard that it happens, I just didn't understand how or why.  They do look awfully cute with their little wool bottoms on.  Peanut doesn't have (or need) wool.  Bug on the other hand has the cutest little wool shorties.  They have a little dragon on them and I can't wait to have him wear them when it's a little warmer out.  It seems a little strange to have him wear them when it's still only in the 50s.

Peanut can stick with his one size pockets and AI2s, we're hoping he potty trains soon.  He was excited to get his new Buzz and Woody big boy underwear for Easter.  He wore the one pair that day for about 1/2 hour.  Then he said he had to potty and before he finished telling me, he started peeing... on my mom's wood laminate floor.  At least he missed the carpet.  You never realize how much a 3 year old's bladder is capable of holding until you see it on the floor.

But, I digress, I've been spending way too much time looking at all the different types of wool.  Upcycled, knitted, custom, things with appliques on them.  They are all so cute.  Whichever I get, I want to make sure I like it... I know my husband will kill me when he sees the bill!

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