Friday, February 18, 2011

Idiots out walking around...

Hahaha.  I used to think that someone thought of this because it stood for IOWA.  Not at all!  They really meant it to be about the idiots out walking around.  I have decided that there are way too many of them wandering the streets of my town.  Even worse, they aren't restricted to just walking, there are idiots out there riding their bikes as well.  With complete disregard to stop signs, cross walks, traffic signals and large vehicles moving towards them, they walk across the street.  Sometimes they even have the audacity to stare at you while in the process of crossing.  Sometimes you wonder why, if they were in such a hurry to cross in front of a moving vehicle, are they going so damn slow.  Sometimes they start to cross, get 3/4 of the way across, see you, and turn around and go back.  Others cross the street without ever looking, before, during, or after, completely oblivious to the world around them.

I've had a few close encounters recently, the last one was just this morning.  I was backing out of my garage, down my driveway, and onto the street.  I have a minivan because with 3 kids what other choice do I have?  Anyone who has ever driven or ridden in or maybe just looked at a parked van will know there are big blind spots.  Anyways, while backing up I almost hit some woman.  She is not in the sidewalk that is in the safe spot before the parkway.  No, she is in the street.  The snow on the sidewalks has melted and they aren't much wetter, if at all, than the streets.  Why, oh why, is she walking in the street?  I know why.  She is an idiot out walking around.  On the same street, which happens to be my street, I saw another of these persons.  Walking down the middle of the street.  Literally in the small ridge of the middle of the road, I could not go around him one way or the other.  Even after seeing my headlights (after all, it makes it even better doing it at night) he still didn't move.  He was walking much too straight to have been drunk.  When I honked my horn, he didn't seem to notice but continued on his merry way, either very happy or on a suicide walk.  I had to follow behind him the 15 houses it took to get to my house.  What is wrong with these people?

Oh wait, I know, they're idiots...

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