Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sunshine's and Monkey's cakes

I am certainly no professional, but I do enjoy making and decorating their cakes.  Someday I hope they will look back and remember liking how Mom made them their own special cake.  They may share a family birthday party, but I make 2 cakes for them and try to make it however they would like.  They're little and still think my decorating skills are amazing, which I think is awesome.  Until they tell me they don't want a cake, I will continue to make and decorate their cakes (even if all they want is a cake with no frosting).

Monkey's Dinosaur cake.  The kids helped make foot prints all over the place.  These kind of cakes are soooo easy but everyone always thinks they are so cute.

Sunshine's birthday cake.  She wanted a grown up cake at the family party.  She was a little sad once it was done and she saw how cute Monkey's was.  She felt a little better once she remembered she was going to have silly cupcakes at her friend party.

Half of the cupcakes.  We had boys and girls and Sunshine wanted to make sure there were colors for everyone.  There were also 3 with no frosting and 2 saying happy birthday.

My favorite!

Sunshine's favorite, I think it's because it had eyebrows/eyeshadow or something.

Monkey's favorite.  He didn't give a reason except that it was orange and his favorite color is orange.  Sunshine made sure she kept it to the side for her brother to have later.

I got tired of decorating.  A pompom on a toothpick.  Easy-peasy.

Displayed on Wilton's cupcake stand.


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  1. So cute - and creative! Way to go, Mama. You make me want to up my cake 'game'!