Thursday, January 10, 2013

I said NO!

Bug is 2, this means he likes being helpful.  He likes to unload the dishwasher, switch the laundry around and generally help do things in twice the amount of time that it would take you but you let them help because it's building character (and it's easier to have him throw something away than getting up off your own butt to do it yourself).  This is generally how it happens.  Until it generally doesn't and then you're stuck with a typical terrible two year old.  One that goes from sweet and loving to crazed, pea soup spewing, beast.  There is a reason why people say terrible two's, and this is the reason:

The other day my mom, Bug and I were sitting around the kitchen table.  We had finished the milk container and I said to Bug (thinking he was the sweet, helpful angel) "Could you throw this away for Mommy?"  He shook his head No.  This wasn't the cute no that we sometimes (for some strange reason) encourage our children to do, this was a definite no-I-don't-want-to-and-you-can't-make-me no.  So I said again, thinking he surely couldn't have meant it, he shakes his head again, says no, and flings the empty milk container onto the floor.  "Bug, pick up the container and put it in the garbage."  I wasn't asking nice anymore and it was no longer a question, this was a definite, you need to do this.  Again, head shake.  I pick up the milk container and before I can say anything, he grabs it and throws it across the table.  I decide to do what some baby experts would say (stupid baby experts, what do they know?) and I tell him, "Let's go do this together!"  Because when you say it all happy like, it makes chores fun!  I grab the container, grab him, and in my attempt to bring him and the milk container across the floor, he screams, brings his hands in so close to him they're in his armpits, and does the limp cat trick.  So I drag him and hold the milk container next to his body, I'm winning, right?  He continues to scream, honest, I was just trying to get him to walk across the floor, a mere 6 baby steps.  When we get to the garbage (so much for putting it in the recycle bin) I attempt to put the container in the garbage bag, he screams, takes the container OUT of the garbage and throws it across the floor.  I take the container, place it BACK into the garbage bag and tie it closed.  I must add, there was pretty much nothing in the bag, only the milk container and some nasty tissues.  He takes the garbage bag with the milk container and runs into the family room where he then proceeds to throw it behind the television.  I then take the bag (with the milk container) and put it in the laundry room where the big garbage can is.  He stands outside of the laundry room, crying and pounding on the door until he finally decides that standing is too difficult and lays on the floor to continue crying.

He's not stubborn is he?  I can't wait until I tell him he needs to take the garbage out to the curb!



  1. Wow, that some strong feelings. Maybe he had set opinions about recycling ;)

  2. Ha! Funny because he usually throws everything in the recycle bin or the kitchen sink. I figured he'd go ahead and recycle it for me!

  3. Oh my....2 year olds are so emotional. One minute we're happy and frolicking and the next minute it's total meltdown.