Friday, September 7, 2012

Monkey's pet

So every child has a dream of getting some new pet.  I know Sunshine has dreams of getting horses, cats, puppies, unicorns (I've tried to tell her that it really isn't going to happen).  But some children have different dreams.

Children like Monkey.

Monkey is... well he's Monkey.  There's no other way for me to describe him except that he is his own person.  Sure I can say the same about Sunshine.  But Monkey?  No, Monkey really is his own little person.  He marches to a different drum and doesn't have a care in the world.  He will go about his business oblivious to others and what they may say.

This may be why he doesn't want a horse, cat, puppy, (unicorn).  So what does Monkey want?  Monkey wants a rooster.  A what?!  A rooster, yes a rooster.  Why I ask? and what will he do with it?  (I'm thinking fry it up but I figure he's not thinking along those lines.)  Monkey says he wants a rooster so it will cock a boodle doo and he'll get food from PetSmart and pet it and take care of it.  He will feed it rooster food everyday and give it water.  He will keep it in the house and he will love it forever and ever and ever.

Well it's not a unicorn, but it might as well be!  I can just imagine what our neighbors would say when our roosters started crowing at dawn.  It probably wouldn't be pleasant.



  1. Oh, give the poor kid a chicken! Just think of the fresh eggs! :)

  2. You need to watch Chicken Run, you will learn that roosters don't lay eggs. :)