Friday, May 25, 2012

When time flies

Yesterday Monkey was a baby, right?  I thought so anyways.  Monkey is four now and that means only one more year before kindergarten.  I've been looking for the perfect preschool and finding one that fits every single one of my needs, and I have a bunch of them.  A perfect school has to have 1. 4 year old classes that are 3 days a week and I need to be able to have an AM slot, 2. they need to have an attached playground (preferably with climbing things), not going across the field to the local park or worse none at all, 3. they need to go out every day unless it's raining or super cold, 4. it needs to be close enough to my house that I'm not driving all day those 3 days a week, 5. I want them to learn, but I was looking for more of a play-based learning, more of a nursery/preschool than a montessori type of school, and of course 6. I need to be able to afford it.  After all, I can't leave him with just any school.  He is my baby you know.

Sunshine went to that type of school and it ended up that her year there was the last year it was open.  Apparently going to a school that's been open for 35 years isn't always good, sometimes the owner wants to retire before all of your kids are through their preschool years.  So that left me with one less option and now I was comparing it to her old school.

I amazed myself at my awesome-ness and found another school that I liked that had all 6 of the criteria needed.  So I made an appointment to bring Monkey there yesterday.  I told him on Monday that we would be going to his school on Thursday and he was so excited.  He wanted to go NOW.  We put it on the calendar so we could mark off the days until we went, 4 days is a very long time sometimes.

Yesterday morning, I had to wake Monkey up.  This is usually a difficult task which requires multiple trips into his room and saying his name many times, turning on the light and pulling the sheet off of him.  I hate doing it, who wants to be woken up like that?  Yesterday I walk in and say, "Monkey, it's time to wake up.  We're going to go visit your preschool today."  He sits up and detangles himself from the blanket and scrambles out of bed.  "Let's go!  Let's go to my school!"  He goes downstairs and is all set and ready to go.  It was like nothing I have ever seen before.  When we're getting ready to leave, he tells me, "Let's go, I want to go to school and learn!"  How sweet is that!

When we get there, he runs up to the door and rings the bell, he shakes the lady's hand and starts talking.  And talking.  And talking.

He doesn't stop until we leave 45 minutes later.  He gets to play outside with one of the classes and rides on one of the pedal tractors they have.  I think he may be in love.

He was so excited, the director gave him his very own tote to bring to school and he carried it around for most of the day.  While we were there though (and he was holding the bag) he saw one of the containers of dinosaurs, he must have been excited about them and asked if he could have one.  The director gave him 2 of them (because we need 2 more dinosaurs) and he's been keeping them in his bag as well.

This morning I was woken by Monkey climbing onto my bed saying, "Mommy, wake up!  I have to go to my preschool today!"

It's going to be a long summer.


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  1. I know that's a stressful experience. I'm struggling to find a regular nanny and I know I'll want the best for my son when it comes to prepping him for the years of school ahead. I look forward to reading about your search and hope you find a keeper!