Friday, October 7, 2011

Piddle Poddles Review

Over the summer I saw a post on my cloth diaper board about Piddle Poddles and their "Cadillac" diaper.  Intrigued, as I always am when it comes to fluff, I headed over to the website to check it out.  I couldn't believe my luck, they were having a 1/2 price sale!  Awesome, Paypal here we come!

Back up about 15 minutes.  I would like to add that I did read about the diaper and didn't just look at the cute fabrics.  The 'Cadillac' is an AI2 diaper with waterproof PUL on the outside.  The inner layer is a combination of microfleece and organic bamboo fleece.  The double snap-in soaker is organic bamboo fleece and organic bamboo velour and is soooo, soooo soft.  I didn't want to wash it and risk loosing the silkiness (good news, multiple washes later and it's still soft).  The legs are turned and topstitched so there's no ouchie rubbing against their little legs.  Piddle Poddles claims to have been tested all night for 10+ hours with no cover.

Wait, what?  Ten hours with no cover in an AI2?  Now I have some pretty sturdy diapers that have held up for 4 or 5 hours but beyond that, I usually need some kind of cover. - Please realize, I do NOT have every type of diaper out there - yet.

Even more intrigued.  I always enjoy testing if someone's "claims" are for real, I went ahead and bought one.  It's an adorable owl diaper with brown snaps, brown thread and coordinating brown thread on the soaker so I will know that this is the exact soaker that goes with this diaper.  Yes, I am that anal.

It arrives, it's prepped and it's promptly put on Bug's butt.  This has a fold-down rise and I must say that I really like it.  I've had a couple with this type of rise but the never laid flat for me or the rise would then be too short.  This has a nice high rise for all babies.  He wore it quite a few times, even going out of the house when he ended up wearing it overnight.  It just kind of happened, I was at my parents' house, put the diaper on him and he fell asleep on the way home.  He slept for 9 hours and was still completely dry.

Enjoying his new diaper, but not being very cooperative for the camera!

I now have 2 more of her diapers and 2 on the way.

Robin is upfront about the timeline and turnaround on the diapers.  She gets back to you quickly and professionally.  She also regularly has sales so if you miss one, you're bound to get in on another.

You can find her store on Hyenacart at:


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