Saturday, June 16, 2012

My favorite things

Monkey loves chocolate milk (and strawberry/pink milk for that matter).  He also loves straws.  Most drinks are required to have straws.  This is great for when we go out though, mess free, portable.  Or so you would think.

The drinks you get from restaurants always come with a lid and a straw.  This allows for you to leave with your drink and not have to worry about that ridiculously priced 8oz chocolate milk that your child never finishes being thrown away and your child leaving being thirsty and you being frustrated because they didn't down the last 6oz.  However, I don't allow the kids to drink in the car.  I remember gagging myself with a straw when I was young.  My mom claims it was a French fry, I remember a straw.  Regardless, they don't have either in the car.  This means they need to drink as much as they can before getting in the car and then waiting until we get home.

As usual, Monkey didn't finish his overpriced chocolate milk.  I bring the milk out to the parking lot and he's having that one last chug through the straw before I take it away from him.  I'll admit, I was rushing him, but he drinks and eats slow and I didn't want to sit in the sweltering parking lot for the next 20 minutes while he nurses his milk.  I finally am able to get the cup from him and splatter.  Twenty little drops of chocolate infested milk splatter all over my shirt.  It's my blue shirt and one of my favorites.  It fits nice and the colors is flattering.  We also have someplace we need to be later on and I don't want to be wearing a chocolate speckled shirt there nor do I want the stain to set in the hot summer sun.  I'll say though that Monkey did apologize a couple of times without me asking.  It made me feel slightly better with a feeling of pettiness about my shirt potentially being ruined.

So off we go, back home for me to change my shirt.  I change my shirt, soak my other shirt and am ready to go.

Monkey sees my new clean shirt on and he says, "I like that shirt Mommy."

Aaww, that's sweet, "You do?  Thank you."

"It's my favorite, I like it more than the other one."

That's an odd thing to say from a 4 year old's mouth, especially since the new one is a pinkish orange and the other was a blue.  "Really, why?"

Monkey continues, "Because there's no chocolate milk on it."

Next time I need to remember have him quit while he's ahead.


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