Sunday, October 21, 2012

Woes of boys

Bug is turning 2.  As in 2 hours he'll be 2.  My little baby will be two and where has the time gone?

Oh, where has the time gone?  It's very close to his birthday party and we still need to get him something.  Sunshine and I had picked out a big book of Dr. Seuss books but for some reason I felt he needed something else (this way I will have one more thing to pick up/put away/wash).  It doesn't matter what logic was telling me, my heart was saying, "Buy, buy, buy!"  Either that or it was the huge influx of commercials and advertisements

So Sunshine and I are at the store and I decide to look for one more thing.  We head over to the toy department, which is small since the store only has it set up for Christmas.  I look and I look and I look.  Sunshine looks and she finds: toys that are too much money, toys that aren't age appropriate, or toys that we have something almost exactly like at home - sometimes it was all 3 of them.  I realize (again) that we still don't need anything.  Our home has way too many toys and our kids have way too much clothes.

Unfortunately, this doesn't mean that poor Bug shouldn't get presents since he is the youngest.  It just means that as a baby, he'll get gipped out of getting as many as his brother and sister.

There is one thing though that Bug could use.  Pajamas.  He's been having this obnoxious habit of pushing at the top of his pajama pants which then causes pee to squish out all over the place.  The only way we've been able to stop it is on him or by either putting one piece pajamas by putting onesies under the 2 piece pajamas.  He doesn't have too many one piece jammies and it's October and the house can get cold so I figured I'd buy him some footie jammies.  Sunshine and I looked at the racks and racks of clothes and she says to me, "Why aren't there as many boy pajamas as girls?"  A question all mothers of sons ask and I sadly had no answer for her.  Instead I told her, "Some people who make clothes like the flowers more than trucks."  She did not like the possibility of someone not thinking that every single bit of her Bug was perfect-and that included making his clothes.  She answers, "That's not very nice.  Bug's clothes are cute.  Remember, he has all those dinosaurs and things.  I don't think I like this store anymore.  I don't think we should shop here, let's go home."  She was serious too.  She wanted to go right then and there.

We left, without any pajamas or toy, and when she came back she gave Hubby an ear-full on how terrible the world is because boys don't have as large of a selection as girls.


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  1. I'd have to agree with Sunshine ... maybe she will FINALLY be the answer to the problem - a little boy's fashion designer! ;)