Sunday, February 5, 2012

Monkey man

Bug should have been called Monkey because he IS a monkey.  He crawls, climbs, jumps on everything and everyone.  His favorite thing to do?  Climb on the kitchen chair, turn so his stomach is against the back of the chair and shake the chair until it starts thumping back and forth.  Now you might think, "Oh, he'll stop if he falls off."  Oh no.  He's fallen off the chairs so many times that we've decided to take all of the kitchen chairs out of the kitchen and put them in the living room.  We found we also had to gate the living room off.  In the process of moving the chairs, he was climbing onto the chairs in the living room and rocking them again.  So we now have a gate between the kitchen and the living room.

Bug will climb on the couch and jump on the couch to land flat on his face, purposely flat on his face.  You might think, "Oh, he'll stop if he falls off."  Oh no.  Again, he's fallen off of the couch as well.  He cries and climbs back up, jumping up and down as soon as he gets there.

His new favorite thing?  Standing in his high chair.  Bug is always strapped in but he somehow has managed to stand up in the chair.  I am not a terrible neglectful mother.  I don't wait for him to fall out of his chair.  Not to worry, Bug is still ok.

He wrestles with his brothers and if you're lying on the floor he'll crawl on you and start bouncing on you.  He's not picky about what body part either.  It can be your back, legs, neck, head.  If you're on your stomach and you have your eyes closed, quietly minding your own business and taking a little break, he'll crawl over/onto you and sit on your stomach or face and bounce.  Nothing is better than having a baby diaper right in your face, usually with a wet diaper on too.

The funny thing though, not until today has he been walking more than crawling.  In fact today I officially said that he's walking.  I worry, what's going to happen when Bug is running?

It's lucky for him.  He's always a happy little boy and is into mischief but will always do it with a smile.



  1. He'll share those Cheerios with you. Or the Cheerios that he dumped in the couch.

    That's a fun Radio Flyer.